Jan 14th CEU Event at All Natural Stone in Burlingame

What a wonderful CEU Event at All Natural Stone in Burlingame.  The topic was Raising Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  The presentation was excellent and the conversation continued long after the seminar ended.  The audience was engaged and all of us learned something new and paused to consider how important the intuitive side of our nature is.  The presentation was highly interactive and there were several attendees who were familiar with the subject and were able to add to an already informative Q&A.   Emotional Intelligence is there to guide us if only we could understand it better and use it more.  Special thanks to Mary Welty-Dapkus for a well organized and informative presentation.

The evening was beautifully hosted by All Natural Stone in their Burlingame showroom.   
The food, the wine, and the hospitality were delicious and plentiful. The cups / glasses did not “run drieth”. 
Thank you again, All Natural Stone.  Thank you Mary Welty-Dapkus.