CEU Feb 9th, 2021 Cooking Technology Explained



Chef Andrew Forlines specializes in teaching kitchen designers all about new and advanced cooking technology available for the residential kitchen.  There has been an expansion of technology in the home kitchen in recent years, much of it coming from the fine dining and modernist cuisine industries.  Chef Andrew will give an overview of the technologies, how to design with them in mind, and how to help clients select the ones that best suit their lifestyle.  

IDCEC for ASID CEU Titled Fine Dining Restaurant Technology in the Modern Home Kitchen

Learning Objectives

  1. Cover the full array of residential cooking appliance technologies now available. I.e.; Steam combi ovens, sous vide, induction, vacuum chamber sealers, etc.
  2. Learn the history of advanced cooking technologies in commercial, restaurant, and residential kitchens.
  3. Primer on modern cooking techniques achievable with advanced cooking technologies and how an end-user can benefit from them.
  4. Define multiple home cook archetypes and match them with the right appliance technology portfolio for them.

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Date and Time

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM


ZOOM Event